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Treatment and Symptoms of Sarcoptic Mange

Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health - Description of Sarcoptic Mange

Description of Sarcoptic Mange. The definition of Sarcoptic Mange comes from the Middle French word mangene meaning itching.  Sarcoptic Mange is caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei, which also causes scabies in humans. It is the most severe variety of mange.

It appears in the form of a persistent, contagious skin disease characterized by frantic itching caused by the mites burrowing in the skin. This is particularly the case in the head and face. The clear component of the blood, Serum seeps out of the tunnels to the surface of the skin and it causes thick scabs to form. Dogs with scabies may often dig and bite at themselves with great ferocity.

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Symptoms of Sarcoptic Mange

Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health - Sarcoptic Mange - General Canine Observations
When you are worried about your pet dogs or puppies it is wise to make general observations and a note of your dog's general well-being before considering a health issue and problem such as Sarcoptic Mange. Overall physical condition? Mental attitude? Appetite? Condition of bowels and urinary apparatus? The nose of healthy dogs or puppies is moist and cool but in sick dogs it is usually hot and dry. Hair loss? Dry skin? Discharges? These general observations are useful to consider whilst checking out the symptoms of Sarcoptic Mange.

Sarcoptic Mange can be transferred from one animal to another and from animals to humans. The legs of the mite have claw-like hooks or suction cups to enable them to attach themselves to the host. The mite feeds on the host but can live for up to 21 days without feeding.

The life cycle of the Sarcoptes scabei mite is as follows:

  • The adults move on the skin surface and mate in small pockets near the surface of the skin. The adults chew and feeds on live cells and tissue fluid. The male soon dies off after mating.
  • The female then burrows into the skin depositing eggs in the tunnel behind her. She then dies.
  • Eggs - Are white or cream and are laid on the host where they  they hatch into larvae within 3 to 10 days
  • Larvae - the larvae moves about on the skin surface and molts into the nymphal stage they also feed on live cells and tissue fluid
  • Adult - becomes an adult within 2 weeks of hatching
  • Adults live up to 4 weeks on the skin of the host

Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health - Symptoms of Sarcoptic Mange
Sarcoptic Mange symptoms may include the following:

  • Sarcoptic Mange symptoms - Crusting of the Skin (Scab Formation)
  • Sarcoptic Mange symptoms - Frantic Itching
  • Sarcoptic Mange symptoms - Loss of Hair (early stages - patches around the ears, elbows, legs, and face)
  • Sarcoptic Mange symptoms - Loss of Hair (later stages affect patches around the whole body)
  • Sarcoptic Mange symptoms - Listlessness

Treatment and Remedies - Canine Treatment of Sarcoptic Mange
The remedies and treatment of Sarcoptic Mange may include the treatment of dogs as follows:

  • Canine Sarcoptic Mange treatment - Weekly injections of Ivermectin which is an insecticide for a period of up to four weeks.
  • Canine Sarcoptic Mange treatment - It is also recommended to use a medicated dog shampoo.
  • Canine Sarcoptic Mange treatment - Mites can be found anywhere in the environment, special attention should be paid to making sure brushes, combs, collars, bedding, carpeting and all upholstered surfaces are sprayed with an insecticide.

Dog Symptoms and Canine Health - Canine Insurance / Pet Health Insurance for Sarcoptic Mange
Pet Insurance for Sarcoptic Mange. Remember canine insurance / pet dogs health insurance for treatment of health and medical problems such as Sarcoptic Mange. Unexpected visits to the vet and veterinary treatments for your dogs and puppies due to illnesses such as Sarcoptic Mange can quickly add up so get quotes for canine health / pet insurance coverage for treatment due to accidents, treatment of illnesses, prescriptions, surgeries and possible hospitalization treatment for your dogs or puppy. Get the best deals for pet insurance from pet insurance comparison websites - make sure you get the best rates for canine health insurance to cover visits to the Vet for the diagnosis and treatment of unexpected ailments such as Sarcoptic Mange.

Disclaimer - Sarcoptic Mange Section of Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health Website
The sole purpose of the Sarcoptic Mange section on the Dog Symptoms and Canine Health website is to act as a reference guide to provide useful information to the owners of dogs and puppies. This article on Sarcoptic Mange is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat sick dogs or as a substitute for obtaining professional veterinary advice. Please remember that if you are in any doubt about your Dog's Health, or problems associated with Sarcoptic Mange, please consult your Canine Veterinary Specialist immediately for professional treatment. Your vet will diagnose whether Sarcoptic Mange is the problem and prescribe appropriate medication and treatment.

Treatment and Symptoms of Sarcoptic Mange
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Sarcoptic Mange Symptoms and Treatment

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Sarcoptic Mange

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