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Treatment and Symptoms of Dog Enteritis

Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health - Description of Dog Enteritis

Description of Dog Enteritis. The definition of Dog Enteritis is inflammation of the intestines, in particular the small intestine. Canine Enteritis is marked by blood stained diarrhoea and vomiting. Puppies and dogs that like to get into the garbage and eat spoiled foods are the most frequent victims of bacterial enteritis.

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Symptoms of Dog Enteritis

Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health - Dog Enteritis - General Canine Observations
When you are worried about your pet dogs or puppies it is wise to make general observations and a note of your dog's general well-being before considering a health issue and problem such as Dog Enteritis. Overall physical condition? Mental attitude? Appetite? Condition of bowels and urinary apparatus? The nose of healthy dogs or puppies is moist and cool but in sick dogs it is usually hot and dry. Hair loss? Dry skin? Discharges? These general observations are useful to consider whilst checking out the symptoms of Dog Enteritis.

Enteritis can also be caused by the following:

Salmonella - A bacterial infection that can be transmitted by the dog eating raw foods such as chicken. Rotten food may be contaminated as well so dogs who have raided the trash can be prone to this disease. If salmonella is suspected then hygiene is paramount as the infection is Zoonotic which means that it can be transmitted to humans as well.

Campylobacter - Is a bacterial infection that dogs can acquire through food or water. It causes gastrointestinal symptoms that range from mild to severe and the condition is called campylobacteriosis and it is often confused with the life threatening canine parvovirus.

Show Crud - Show Crud or Dog show Crud as it is also known is an extremely aggressive bacterial infection in dogs. It can be fatal in puppies or adult dogs with a weak or damaged immune system.

Salmon poisoning disease - This is a fatal disease of dogs and other infection with a the bacteria, Neorickettsia helminthoeca. As its name suggests, the disease is caused by eating raw salmon and trout, salamander. The fish are infected and the bacteria attaches to the intestine of the dog causing severe gastrointestinal disease and infection.

Dog Enteritisis a 'Zoonotic' disease as it can be transferred from animal to human. This only occurs by direct contact with another infected animal or person. It can also passed on from dogs to cats and from pets to humans.

Zoonosis can be described as any infectious disease that can be transmitted from wild or domestic animals to humans. A Zoonotic disease can also be passed from humans to animals and this is referred to as reverse zoonosis but is also sometimes referred to as Anthroponosis. Many serious diseases fall under this category and examples include Rabies, and Lyme disease.

Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health - Symptoms of Dog Enteritis
Dog Enteritis symptoms may include the following:

  • Dog Enteritis symptoms - Blood stained diarrhoea (the fast passage of waste material through the large intestines, resulting in frequent defecation and loose faeces, often accompanied by stomach cramps).
  • Dog Enteritis symptoms - Severe vomiting
  • Dog Enteritis symptoms - Signs of pain
  • Dog Enteritis symptoms - Breathing difficulties

Treatment and Remedies - Canine Treatment of Dog Enteritis
The remedies and treatment of Dog Enteritis may include the treatment of dogs as follows:

  • Canine Enteritis treatment - The dog should be kept away from food and large amounts of water until the intestinal tract has settled down.
  • Canine Enteritis treatment - The advice of a veterinary surgeon should be sought if the condition lasts more than 24 hours.

Dog Symptoms and Canine Health - Canine Insurance / Pet Health Insurance for Dog Enteritis
Pet Insurance for Dog Enteritis. Remember canine insurance / pet dogs health insurance for treatment of health and medical problems such as Dog Enteritis. Unexpected visits to the vet and veterinary treatments for your dogs and puppies due to illnesses such as Dog Enteritis can quickly add up so get quotes for canine health / pet insurance coverage for treatment due to accidents, treatment of illnesses, prescriptions, surgeries and possible hospitalization treatment for your dogs or puppy. Get the best deals for pet insurance from pet insurance comparison websites - make sure you get the best rates for canine health insurance to cover visits to the Vet for the diagnosis and treatment of unexpected ailments such as Dog Enteritis.

Disclaimer - Dog Enteritis Section of Dogs Symptoms and Canine Health Website
The sole purpose of the Dog Enteritis section on the Dog Symptoms and Canine Health website is to act as a reference guide to provide useful information to the owners of dogs and puppies. This article on Dog Enteritis is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat sick dogs or as a substitute for obtaining professional veterinary advice. Please remember that if you are in any doubt about your Dog's Health, or problems associated with Dog Enteritis, please consult your Canine Veterinary Specialist immediately for professional treatment. Your vet will diagnose whether Dog Enteritis is the problem and prescribe appropriate medication and treatment.

Treatment and Symptoms of Dog Enteritis
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Dog Enteritis Symptoms and Treatment

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Dog Enteritis

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